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Mar 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
in santa rosa. 44 in san jose. by this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. not expecting a whole lot of fog today. 66 in san francisco. 73 in santa rosa. and 71 in the south bay and san jose. so lovely day shaping up even for tomorrow. a little bit warmer. temperatures top out at 74. remember that spf. we have rain in the forecast this upcoming week, wednesday, thursday and friday. >> and that's your latest forecast. lester? >>> still to come on today, ryan seacrest hopes a broadcast studio to give special kids a chance to shine. first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> ryan seacrest charitable foundation opened its new facilities. there are a number of hospitals around the country allowing the kids to forget even for just a moment the illness that brought them there. >> please welcome your host, ryan seacrest. >> you see him on "idol." >> five minutes after 7:00. >> and hear him on air. on friday morning though, ryan seacrest was at the children hospitals of orange county opening a state of the art media student for young patients. >> what's your favorite album or favorite song? >> reporter: pat
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
. and light, from san jose to santa rosa. the showers are coming in so late, we'll be able to reach levels close to yesterday. 70 degrees for gilroy. and 69 in san francisco. looking good until thursday. then, we're going to clear you out. forecast. savannah? >>> all right, dylan. thank you. voting is under way this morning for a special election for south carolina's first open congressional district seat. former governor mark sanford one of the names on the ballot after he looks for a comeback. kelly o'donnell is in charleston for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. people here say they've been overwhelmed by the number of candidates, many swamping the local tv stations with campaign ads. much of the attention has been on the former governor after his public affair, and he's now seeking political redemption. a chance for an unlikely comeback. >> how are you, mark sanford, good to see you. >> reporter: former south carolina governor mark sanford is up against 15 fellow republicans running for congress. >> i feel like i'm supposed to be crawling back on to this lar
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
all the way from sonoma down to santa rosa. the next couple of days, temperatures stay nice and comfortable. we'll hit the 70s by sunday. >> and that is your latest forecast. natalie? ♪ >>> dylan, thank you. this morning on "today's style" "shape" magazine, bahar, good morning, i'm looking at the brightly colored beautiful pumps. >> so much fun. >> tell us about these heels. >> every woman should have a pair of nude pumps for work but this spring add some color, the bolder the better. these are from boutique nine, a great way to update your style in seconds. >> i love them. these are perfect for going out at night as well. >> exactly. you want to show some skin at night, best way with a great strappy heel, i love the metallic detailing, great way to add instant sex appeal to your outfit. >> let's move on to the more casual, heading out on a spring break trip. perfect to pack in your bag in your suitcase. >> you cannot go wrong with a great pair of flip flops, these are from tikees. they're leather and simple and come in fun colors. >> and wedges are good for comfort. >> so
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
." >> that little show? >> what on earth is wrong with am rosa? i want to show a clip. if you're missing it, we have to show this. >> i will take you down. i will take you down. >> what kind of lady is that? >> what kind of lady will tell you to be quiet? i'm a grown woman. i run a company. i run half the west coast for okay magazine. you're not going to talk to me like that. >> you run a company -- >> wait. she runs half the west coast for okay magazine? >> i didn't know that. to be honest with you, i didn't know that. >> what's going on with her? >> i thank god that i didn't get put on that team. i'm on the other team. i like amirosa. remember, this is a fake game where you get fake fired. that's really the truth, right? she is a brilliant character. >> this isn't her -- she's not playing herself. >> this is my take on it. this is a character that she's created over how many years? works for her. i like her. >> what about la toya? >> i love la toya. i have to say. she made a bad decision last night. because she got -- >> she got fired we should not point out. >> what happened is amarosa can be sca
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
up in santa rosa today. getting into the all important weekend, temperatures keep on climbing. in fact, we're going to hit the mid-70s by sunday. rain on the way next week. >> so when it's really nice in april, i'll take all the credit. >> we'll give you that for sure. >> for sure. >> thank you so much. appreciate it, dylan. >>> now to a little magic with david copperfield. this month we've been having great fun with performances from master illusionist mr. copperfield, on monday it was pretty incredible. >> he was. i still can't figure that one out. earlier in the week i got into the act as well and you got to see this, this is not edited, see if you can figure it out. let me know. >> are you ready for this? >> i'm ready. scared but ready. >> hold onto this, don't be scared. awesome. little bed for you. >> i could take a nap. >> you can. um-hum. it's very good for your back. >> okay. it's very narrow. >> comfy. hopefully i fit on that. >> a little finesse. how about that? >> okay. this gets folded like this. okay, i need you to lie down right here. sit up here first. feet go
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5